2017 Chinese Horoscope: Compatibility between Ox and Rat, Ox and Tiger, Ox and Rabbit

The OX (birthday years 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961,1949, 1937, 1925) is full of strength and a born leader, they are methodical and good with their hands. They can also be introverted and often feel misunderstood.

When the Ox is in love, he does not confirm his feelings verbally, preferring to show you how he feels rather than tell you.

Relationship compatibility within the Chinese Zodiac mostly takes into account the general characteristics for each animal.

However, every individual will place their own unique twist on the basic characteristics.

2017 Chinese Horoscope: Compatibility between Ox and Rat 

This combination of cycles is quite compatible and it often gives birth to new ideas and plans for the future.  You are both experiencing a time of enhanced creativity.
2017 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility between Ox Rat Tiger Rabbit

You may plan to remodel the house, buy new furniture, or otherwise change and improve the environment you share.

Ox, however, is also experiencing a challenging time of powerful emotions.  Ox is on shaky ground and needs a stable environment as well as Rat's support and confidence.

Affinity Ox - Rat: money and family.

Overall compatibility Ox - Rat: 79%.

2017 Chinese Horoscope: Compatibility between Ox and Tiger

You inspire each other to try new things, experiment, and investigate alternatives.

You may have met each other, for example, during a time period when both of you were breaking free from traditional values and exploring new possibilities.

This is a good relationship for shared creative, innovative activities.

The difference between you is this: Ox has a much greater capacity for objectivity, emotional distance, and detachment than Rat.

Affinity Ox - Tiger: love and family.

Overall compatibility  Ox - Tiger: 82%.

2017 Chinese Horoscope: Compatibility between Ox and Rabbit

For Rabbit, the relationship takes second, or perhaps third place at this time.  Rabbits’s focal point is everything around the relationship.

From friends to career, and from family to finances, Ox wants to heal and improve everything that surrounds and sustains the relationship, but in the process may not pay much attention to you,

Affinity Ox - Rabbit: friendly and family.

Overall compatibility Ox - Rabbit: 70%.