VIRGO January 2017 horoscope forecast: A little patience will see you through this time.

January 2017 VIRGO monthly zodiac horoscope Ego involvement in relationships. Physical or very active interactions with others. Differences in styles of leadership.

Your attempts to express yourself are frustrated during this time, particularly in areas of your life where you would usually expect to feel a sense of adventure.

All plans for expansion seem to be blocked by obstacles, resulting in a feeling of getting nowhere. A little patience will see you through this time.

This transit affects self-expression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general.
VIRGO January 2017 monthly horoscope forecast zone

The relationship energy of Venus comes into your personality as a result of this transit, and you will be more sympathetic than usual to your fellow-man.

VIRGO monthly horoscope January 2017 Your usual sources of comfort seem to have dried up providing an extra source of frustration.

While this is obviously a difficult time, you also have the opportunity to heal past wounds, which you may not have realized were having such an important effect on your life.

The path to emotional freedom may not be smooth. You may undergo times of uncertainty, frustration, moodiness and irritation as you attempt to change your patterns of behaviour.

Your loved ones may not immediately respond positively to your need for change. Your home life may be in disarray.

Monthly astrology VIRGO, January 2017 Your ideals and aspirations for yourself may be called into question while this transit is in effect.

You may have revelations concerning philosophies that have guided your plans for the future up until now, but which are revealed to be inadequate in the light of your current understanding.

Changes to your basic beliefs do not come easily, and it may be that a crisis of understanding comes up for you at this time.

You may be in an excitable mood; think before you act.  You may be rash or quarrelsome, or someone around you might be irritable and difficult to handle.

Express your anger, but do it in a controlled way.  Also, be willing to listen to other people's problems, and propose solutions.  Don't be hasty or impulsive; this will invite accidents.