PIG 2017 Zodiac Luck, Romance horoscope forecast. Pig and Rat 2017 Chinese astrology oracle.

PIG 2017 Zodiac Luck, Love horoscope forecast in year of Fire Rooster

Pigs are very tolerant, kind and courteous with inner strength. They can be naive and too impulsive at times.

Pigs are more comfortable giving of their own time or attention than they are to ask others for it. They do not find asking for help an easy task and would rather carry the burden themselves. Pigs will do anything they can to maintain a sense of peace amongst family or friends.

Wood Pig and Rat 2017 Romance horoscope This is the combination for lovers. The North Node and Venus are both highly significant in relationship astrology indicating that this association was written in the stars.
PIG 2017 Zodiac Luck, Romance horoscope forecast zone

It is also likely that Wood Pig and Rat are in love, desiring to form a close and romantic bond, rather than remain friends only.

Fire Pig and Rat 2017 Romance horoscope Both Fire Pig and Rat share a mutual respect for each other and are willing to work towards sound communication.

They take each other seriously, and are likely to share an interest in a thought-provoking pastime or a business enterprise. Shared values also mean that this relationship has firm foundations for the long term.

Earth Pig and Rat 2017 Romance horoscope Together Earth Pig and Rat are somewhat reserved, perhaps even withdrawing a little from society to enjoy the benefits of their relationship.

They are aware that their relationship is one of the most important building blocks in their lives. There is a certain maturity in this relationship,

Metal Pig and Rat 2017 Romance horoscope Rat and Metal Pig may enjoy creative and harmonious pastimes which enhance their union bringing joy and fulfilment.

They could work jointly on an artistic, musical or spiritual project, or simply share an inspirational hobby. Either way, they are drawn to each other in a way that is not logical.

Water Pig and Rat 2017 Romance horoscope There is a childlike quality to this liaison, possibly Rat and Pig share a love of children or enjoy recapturing some of their lost childhood.

Through this relationship Rat learns a vital life lesson, one that furthers his spiritual journey.