OX 2017 Zodiac Luck, Romance horoscope forecast. OX and Rooster 2017 Chinese astrology oracle.

OX 2017 Zodiac Luck, Love horoscope forecast in year of Fire Rooster.

When the Ox is in love, he does not confirm his feelings verbally, preferring to show you how he feels rather than tell you.

An Ox will take a long time to decide if you are the right match for him because Oxen hate change, and want to find someone who is ready to embark upon a stable marriage.

Wood OX and Rooster 2017 Romance horoscope A feisty relationship is the result of this combination of the planets Mercury and Mars.

When OX and Rooster are together the sparks fly. The nature of these sparks depends on other aspects of the relationship.
OX 2017 Zodiac Luck Romance horoscope forecast

On the one hand OX and Rooster may be positively stimulated by each other's company, enjoying lively conversations and energetic activities.

Fire OX and Rooster 2017 Romance horoscope Destiny plays a strong role in OX and Rooster's relationship. 

There is an instant attraction, a spark that ignites the feelings of both OX and Rooster. However, fate can a cruel mistress. 

This relationship is fraught with problems that OX and Rooster find difficult to understand and solve.

Water OX and Rooster 2017 Romance horoscope OX and Rooster have difficulty understanding each other's point of view.

They cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings easily. Consequently OX and Rooster have trouble being together and a certain tension exists in the relationship. OX needs to be wary of having too much pride, of trying to override Rooster's views through sheer force of personality.

Earth OX and Rooster 2017 Romance horoscope An intense relationship is the result of this combination of the planets Mercury and Pluto, with communication playing a key role.

Consequently it is vital that both OX and Rooster communicate honestly, keeping all emotions and thoughts out in the open. This helps them to keep the relationship dynamic rather than volcanic.

Metal OX and Rooster 2017 Romance horoscope Romance is alight and the relationship develops at a rapid rate.

Friends are amazed as the couple's union becomes more and more intense. However, it is likely that OX and Rooster have trouble maintaining the excitement in the long term.