NUMEROLOGY 2017: Life Path Number 1 yearly predictions for CAREER, LOVE & HEALTH.

NUMEROLOGY 2017 - The Vibration forecast and Prediction for NUMBER 1 

You should keep your focus on your dreams. You should have willpower and try to keep an eye on your goals.

You should be flexible to handle difficulties and adversities in different ways. In this period you show rapid self-improvement and growth.

You must be careful not to become too self-centered since this attitude will only harm you.

NUMBER 1 NUMEROLOGY 2017:  LOVE prediction

Certainly, the cosmic impulses always want to inspire you. This year, you will know the love of your dreams refined constantly.

Singles meet an intelligent partner or an elite personality. They discover real affinities, political, philosophical or religious commune, or aspirations or similar social concerns.

NUMBER 1 NUMEROLOGY 2017:  CAREER prediction

From February to June, opportunities will present themselves spontaneously to you. Cosmic impulses will even encourage a person to help you with advice and perhaps its finances. Your professional situation will evolve favorably in the fall thanks to safe support.

You face every challenge in July and hope to be rewarded! A small disappointment in October will soon be forgotten. December makes you a gift you can not refuse.

NUMBER 1 NUMEROLOGY 2017:  HEALTH prediction 

The cosmic climate from April to July will have very negative influences on your nervous system and your morale. So you might get nervous, irritable and moody.

You will make a great effort to avoid causing unnecessary clashes. Sleeping more than usual and eat lighter.

A small drop in speed and some winter viruses tired you early this year, but quickly gave way to a great motivation. You have a great desire to regain your lost energy.

NUMBER 1 NUMEROLOGY 2017: MONEY prediction 

You can breathe better, because your finances will improve. Your month-end will not be the Chinese puzzle.

A disputed case concerning family property found a happy ending in May 2017. You. You will give yourself a lot of trouble between June and August to grow your resources; the result will be stunning.

Are you stressed? Tired? Free spending does not solve all problems!

You can expect an influx of money in September. Quickly spent! October 2017 will be the time for good resolutions. It was time.