LEO January 2017 horoscope forecast: This transit brings expanded sensitivity.

January 2017 LEO zodiac forecast Some obstacles may appear. And this is a time for action, but not a time to push on ahead. The push or move we want here is not a step forward, but rather a step back.

This is not a point to be aggressive or to force things forward when we feel blocked, but one to give in, to make allowances, to act by accepting, by facilitation.

This is the harvest time for all your effort. Other people can see your value, appreciate what you have done. At long last, you are visible to the public.

Everyone can see what you have accomplished if, in fact, you have made the effort.

January 2017 LEO sign horoscope zone  Here you may be sorting through an intense or transformative experience with real objectivity, and you are able to clearly cull out what is of no value while holding fast to the essence.
LEO January 2017 horoscope forecast oracle

Plenty of energy is available for this activity. Pack it up, taking only what is essential to put together a new and better plan for success is what needs to happen just now.

Though your stamina is high, you may not find it easy to use your energy in a constructive, consistent manner.

Something you’ve been involved in for about a year has reached a critical point.

Much effort is required, and your temper could flare out of control.

January 2017 LEO sign horoscope zone  This transit brings expanded sensitivity and a greater flow of emotions — which is pleasant if your birth Moon makes mostly harmonious aspects to other planets but exhausting if your Moon is afflicted by squares and oppositions.

Fail, and those same instincts snag you. They make you moody and bitter, full of heaviness. You
may have a beautiful mate or a million lovers. Still, you are unsatisfied.

You may have a strong, healthy body. Still, you are haunted by the certainty that something unspeakably horrible is about to happen to it.

The natural attunement with the 'Universal Mind' should help you to receive valid insights and intuitions, especially at times when the trine is reactivated by transit or progression movements, which offer opportunities for greater creativity and usable ideas.