CAPRICORN January 2017 monthly horoscope zone: any difficulties in love will tend to be revealed.

January 2017 CAPRICORN monthly zodiac horoscope You are getting a wake-up call from your life. You feel the need to develop and expand your horizons in ways you haven’t before.

Over the course of this transit, you will be opening yourself up to new influences. Your life may take a dramatic turn quite suddenly, ultimately for the better.

A new level of maturity awaits you, enabling you to more fully take charge of your own life.

This is a good transit for positive growth and expansion. Perhaps you will be motivated to travel, study or introduce something into your life that makes you feel good.

However, there is the need guard against over-extending yourself financially, or taking on more than you can comfortably handle.
CAPRICORN January 2017 monthly horoscope forecast

CAPRICORN monthly horoscope January 2017 Anticipate a socially active period, with the urge to have contact with other people.

Getting out and about and doing things in conjunction with others. Enjoying company and shared experiences.

The romantic life increases. From the time when they close things in life mattered most, now comes a period where more and more appreciate life happy and bright sides.

Here it can be anything from an innocent flirtation, that you simply are going and storm fall in love.

In order to maintain good relations with others over this period, you will need to be prepared to extend yourself socially.

Monthly astrology CAPRICORN , January 2017 You may experience frustration in trying to go your own route, independent of what consensus reality surrounding you may dictate.

Old wounds in the area of self-assertion and how you make your way in the world may come up at this time, causing you much suffering as you try to find your true path.

The inclinations of the heart take second place to responsibility and duty now. Spontaneous expressions of affection just don't happen now. Feelings are kept in check. Any difficulties in love will tend to be revealed.