CANCER January 2017 horoscope forecast: usually causes domestic discord.

January 2017 Cancer sign horoscope zone These transits always mark a time of trouble, no matter what the aspect, but the nature of the trouble is best determined by the house and sign where the afflicted planet is located.

These transits lower the vitality and act as a damper on the spirits of the person; there is a tendency to colds, gloom and melancholy, delays and disappointments, and if Saturn should turn retrograde passing and repassing these points, quite a long time of trouble and anxiety results.

If the person is not already married an attachment will be formed and ripen into marriage of an ideal nature.

If the horoscope shows artistic ability, this will receive a great impetus during the activity of this direction, and it will bring honor and social preferment.
CANCER January 2017 horoscope forecast

Cancer horoscope prediction for January 2017 This transit maybe brings an aspect that causes separations and that is disadvantageous to all legal affairs.

It may further bring us into trouble with the church, and this aspect usually causes domestic discord.

Progressed Mars or Cupido at the midpoint can indicate problems with pregnancy or complications during delivery.

You may cut back on work hours and work out of the home, perhaps starting a small business.

Involuntary retirement may also be seen with this transit if you work for a company with rigid age requirements or even outright age discrimination, so planning in advance for other ways of earning an income would be wise.

You have a need to be bold, rash, and even a little foolish—to dare. You may have to work on being alone, on being more aggressive, challenging, and willful.

January 2017 Cancer zodiac forecast You could have difficulty with leadership, self-assertion, and outgoingness, in general.

This is a good time for parents to consider their child’s interests, especially those outside the school curriculum.

Examinations taken for music or dance, sporting competitions, or a travelling experience will be particularly rewarding.

The young person will do well and should get extra encouragement for his or her efforts at this time.