Astro Wiki Rachel McCord birth chart astrology: skillful communicator.

Wiki: Rachel McCord (born October 27, 1989, Georgia) is an American blogger and influencer who co-founded The McCord List, a network which purports to represent the one thousand most influential women in media.

McCord has been recognized as a trendsetter by publications like Vogue and Forbes.

Rachel McCord sisters are actresses Angel and AnnaLynne McCord.

Celebrity astrology: Rachel McCord birth chart zodiac. Scorpio sign.

Public life is the pinnacle for you. You gain personal satisfaction from your achievements in the world, and learn much about yourself through your position in the public arena.

Your need for a high public profile could be met through both your career and your social status. You need to make sure that your achievements are not at the expense of your loved ones.

Wiki Rachel McCord birth chart zodiac zone

You can be clever, mentally agile and strategizing. You are a skillful communicator, have a good business sense and a capacity for abstract  thinking.

However, you may have a tendency towards intellectual pride, deviousness, and restlessness.

You have an idyllic view of your family. You may not see family members as they really are. One of your parents may have been absent, ill, or drunk during your childhood.

However, as an adult, you remember only the good times. You may try to re-create an idyllic family life.

Communication with your friends will be important to you. You will want to share your thoughts and ideas with friends. You may also like to study with groups, or to join a group with common beliefs.

You want to share an adventure with your partner, ranging from sharing adventurous ideas to hiking in the mountains. You may also enjoy relating with foreigners, and dining out with your partner at foreign restaurants.

Rachel McCord horoscope forecast 2017-2020 Restlessness may be a key feature of this phase of your life.

This is because you are ready for change but you are not quite sure what path to choose. Choices need to be made.

As a result this can be a time of conflict, either within yourself or with other people.

You need to move forward with your life goals, but if you cannot exercise tolerance then misunderstandings and arguments are hard to avoid.