Astro Wiki Mike Pence birth chart horoscope: A natural communicator, self-expressive and vital.

Wiki: Michael Richard "Mike" Pence (born June 7, 1959) is an American politician, attorney, and the 50th Governor of Indiana. He is the Republican Party candidate for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Pence was raised Catholic along with his five siblings in Columbus, Indiana. Pence told the Indianapolis Star in 2012 that liberal icons John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr encourage him to begin a career in politics.

The governor, who has described himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order", voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Mike Pence has served as governor of Indiana since 2013, but also has 12 years of legislative experience as a member of the US House of Representatives.

During his final two years in Washington, he served as the chair of the House Republican Conference, the third highest-ranking Republican leadership position.

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Pence and his wife Karen Pence have been married since 1985. They have three children: Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey. During his service in the U.S. House, the Pence family lived in Arlington, Virginia, when Congress was in session.

Celebrity astrology: Mike Pence birth chart zodiac forecast. Gemini sign.

Always curious, your interests can range from the sublime to the ridiculous. You enjoy change and variety with respect to friends and acquaintances and maintain an active social life. You are someone who lives in the present and for the moment. A natural communicator.

Curious and inquisitive, you take an interest in what's going on around you. Equally, however, you can be intellectually superficial and inclined to gossip.

You are the original romantic, with a desire for excitement and drama in your love-life. You are generous and warm-hearted and know how to arouse the ardor of another. 

Status means a lot to you and you will be drawn to others who are well-known or popular. 

Ambitious for power, status and authority, you tend to measure your self-worth through how satisfied you are with your personal achievements. 

You are self-disciplined, practical, frugal and aware of your responsibilities.

Self-confident, self-expressive and vital, you carry yourself well and with great dignity. You are often the center of attention. 

A capable leader and organizer, people look to you for direction and respect your judgment. You tend to have a sensitive ego and a lot of pride. Arrogance and stubbornness can turn others against you.

2017 Mike Pence horoscope forecast Steady as she goes is the key to this transit. It is one of those periods when everything seems to take longer than you'd wish. 

Expect delays, minor frustrations and restrictions. You may feel physically tired or grumpy. There can be a risk of injury caused through inattention or tiredness.