Astro Wiki Maurice Canady birth chart zodiac forecast: You're likely to rise to a prominent position in society

Wiki Maurice Canady (born May 26, 1994) is an American football corner-back for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL). Maurice played college football at Virginia.

Canady was drafted by the Ravens in the sixth round, 209th overall, in the 2016 NFL Draft. He was placed on injured reserve on October 6, 2016 with a hamstring injury.

Maurice Canady bio basic facts:
  • Height: 6-1   Weight: 193   Age: 22
  • Born: 5/26/1994 Richmond , VA
  • College: Virginia
  • Experience: Rookie
  • High School: Varina HS [Richmond, VA]
Celebrity astrology: Maurice Canady horoscope forecast. Gemini sign.

You may have difficulty in being sure of yourself, or become focused on your own subconscious process, and have a strong sense of your own unique individuality. 
Maurice Canady birth chart zodiac forecast

You have the zeal to vision new possibilities for tribal connection. You may become interested in the Environmental movement or other ideas related to reinventing the ecological matrix we all live within. 

Depending on other influences in your chart you're likely to be born to parents of good standing in the community. 

From this favourable start in life, you're likely to steadily improve on your status. Success usually comes easily in whatever business or profession that you choose.

People in high places are likely to look on you with favour, helping you further your ambitions. You're also likely to rise to a prominent position in society, perhaps even in government office.

You want to leave a legacy whether through your chosen profession, an official position in a group or club, or your children. You like to shine in the public eye. 

This could literally mean that you choose a career that propels you into the limelight such acting, singing, politics or teaching. 

Your emotions are likely to affect your choice of career. Therefore you need to make sure that you strike out on your own journey rather than trying to please one or both of your parents. 

You also need to ensure that you like and respect anyone who holds authority in your chosen profession. 

Maurice Canady 2017 horoscope forecast

You feel in tune with yourself and compassionate towards others, and your loved ones benefit from your healing energy. 

You could also be pondering the problems of the world, feeling an empathy for the suffering of others. As a result you may be drawn to charity work or an altruistic pastime.