Astro Wiki Iryna Ivanova birth chart zodiac: Novelty excites you.

Wiki: Iryna Ivanova was born in Voronezh, Russia (April 6, 1987), and grew up in Feodosia, Ukraine, a small port town on the Black Sea. Her entire family moved to Tucson, Arizona, when she was 16.

Iryna Ivanova is a graduate student at the University of Arizona and as of interviews from 2011 she was debating between a degree in sports management or marketing. On top of all that, she works as an English translator.

Iryna Ivanova first language is Russian, but she is fluent in both Ukrainian and English. Since she studied British English growing up, she sometimes misunderstands American slang.

Iryna Ivanova ambitions are to earn her doctorate within the next five years. As for dancing, she likes R&B and “hip-hop that I can shake my booty to.” A few tidbits: her favorite movie is “Titanic,” and her favorite hottie is Carmen Electra.

Celebrity astrology: Iryna Ivanova birth chart horoscope. Aries sign.

You are a person who thrives on challenge, and you often feel that you must battle your way through life, depending upon no one and nothing but your own strength, intelligence, and courage.

Iryna Ivanova birth chart zodiac horoscope forecast

You believe in being totally honest, true to oneself and one's own vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone.

Honesty, integrity, personal honor, and authenticity are your gods, and you have no sympathy for weakness of character in others.

Articulate, clever, often funny and witty, you are always a refreshing and interesting conversationalist.

You enjoy meeting and interacting with a variety of different people. You are friendly, flirtatious, and charming in a light, playful way, and no matter how badly you may be feeling, you never appear heavy or somber.

Novelty excites you. You enjoy meeting people and have an enthusiasm that is appealing. You may be interested in studying occult realms of thought.

You are able to benefit from fundamental transformations of identity in your life, and are quick to take advantage of new opportunities. You can benefit from learning to balance your needs for security with your urge for freedom and experimentation.

You are proud of your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others. Your thinking is creative. You are an entertaining conversationalist, with a good sense of humor.

You may also excel in other forms of dramatic articulation such as on the stage. Poetic expression enhances your understanding of a particular point or subject.