2017 Tuesday and Thursday born compatibility horoscope: Opposites attract.

Tuesday and Thursday born compatibility for 2017 'Opposites attract' could the theme for this combination of personal planets. There is an instant spark when Tuesday born and Thursday born meet, whether they choose to enjoy a friendship or a more intimate relationship.

The world seems more exciting when they are together. When together Tuesday and Thursday are able to broaden their horizons in ways they had not thought possible. Each one seems to fill a void deep inside the other.

In astrology, it is considered important to have a combination of personal planets in order to enjoy a deep relationship, but this can be a difficult combination once the initial excitement has worn off. Friction easily arises and what was once attractive becomes irritating.

While Thursday born is basically open, and confides and shares freely, Tuesday is very careful, even suspicious, and does not trust or open to just anyone.
2017 Tuesday and Thursday born compatibility forecast

Tuesday is inward and private and can be quite asocial at times, whereas Thursday born loves to go out and socialize or party with people.

Tuesday tends to brood and often becomes dark and silent, and Thursday born may try to jolly or lighten Tuesday up, which can be helpful sometimes but is just as often intrusive.

Thursday born wants sunny weather all the time, while Tuesday born loves a storm.

Tuesday and Thursday born compatibility horoscope forecast This relationship has a marked effect on the overall attitudes and beliefs of both of you, but particularly of Thursday born.

You challenge each other's religious, political, and philosophical beliefs. You may experience differences of opinion that are difficult to reconcile. You are also inclined to take risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly.

Tuesday born and Thursday born are likely to stumble across obstacles in this relationship because of unrealistic and overly idealistic expectations of each other. It is difficult for them to maintain the heights of love first attained at the beginning of the relationship.

Misunderstandings can easily arise. After the first flush of love Tuesday feels that her emotional needs are being ignored, that Thursday does not understand her.

It is even possible that Tuesday feels that Thursday is being deceptive in some manner. There is a danger that Thursday does feel the need to hide behind a facade, failing to be his true self. Perhaps Thursday feels that he cannot live up to Tuesday's expectations.