Wiki Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige professional wrestler and actress.

Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige birth chart zodiac reading Saraya-Jade Bevis (born 17 August 1992, Norwich, England, United Kingdom) is an English professional wrestler and actress currently signed to WWE under the ring name Paige, performing on the Raw brand.

Paige is a two-time Divas Champion and was the inaugural NXT Women's Champion in WWE's developmental branch, NXT.

Do not let Paige’s age fool you. This youthful “Anti-Diva” has created waves in the division. She not only has experience, but she has the aggression and her “anti- Barbie army” behind her.

Paige will be returning to WWE and the word was that she would be back on Monday, September 19, at Raw in Memphis. If she returns on Monday then it would be in a non-physical role because she still needs to heal up from her neck and back issues.

Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige birth chart zodiac

They could always delay her return but Paige is considered to be back. Paige’s brother Zak also noted on Facebook that she would be back this Monday.

Astro wiki: WWE Paige birth chart horoscope reading. LEO sign.

You are quick-witted and glib, and can also be nervous and high-strung, or perhaps stubborn and difficult to shake from your opinions.

You are an independent thinker with your own way of looking at things, and may be inspired and even visionary in your outlook.

You enjoy the company of people who, like yourself, are creative, humorous, inventive, or even slightly eccentric.

You succeed in areas that give you lots of freedom and where you can express your creativity. Avoid getting involved in organizations or groups that are too conservative, stuffy, or unresponsive to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

Change and variety excite you. You are a nonconformist, and totally have your own code of ethics. You are constantly asserting your freedom and independence, which is the very breath of life for you.

The Uranian energy can be impulsive, as well as insensitive to others' needs, and you can appear to be cold at times, or you may seem to be more excited by ideas than by other people.

You may feel unrest and isolation, as though on a separate wavelength from the rest of mankind. Your mutability and urge for constant change can frustrate or confuse those around you.

You are a person driven by your dreams, imagination, and passions. You are a dreamer and fulfillment for you comes only by having the courage to follow your dreams.

WWE Paige 2017 - 2018 zodiac forecast

For this brief period of time, you will become more conscious of the energy for personal transformation and healing in your life.

This will likely mean exposing some form of deep-seated pain for the purpose of working through old issues and ultimately healing these issues.

During this brief period of time, you may be blessed to provide the impetus for healing to others.

You may also feel healing energy come into your life from a meeting with another person during the course of this transit.