Wiki Analicia Chaves birth chart zodiac. Key Word: LIFE-PATH. Efficiency.

Astro wiki: Model and Instagram with over 1.5 million followers, Analicia Chaves (born October 9, 1989, New Bedford, Massachusets) has appeared in music videos and magazines around the world.

Analicia Chaves first began modeling in 2010 and later signed to Louis Model Management.

Analicia has appeared on Americas Next Top Model as a contestant who made it to the top 50. She has also appeared in magazines such as Smooth, Vibe, and Momy Magazine France.
Analicia Chaves birth chart zodiac forecast

Celebrity astrology: Analicia Chaves natal horoscope oracle

Ascendant In Virgo

Your professional life means a lot to you, and you work hard and conscientiously to become well-integrated in your whatever field of interest you choose.

You are more concerned with efficiency and service than with getting personal recognition, and this makes you an asset in any working team.

You labour industriously behind the scenes to make things function and still find time to look after the needs of your colleagues.

Ascendant Sextile Pluto

You have a magnetic personality and tend to exert a powerful influence on your environment. Secret efforts to feel secure in your personal relationships can be exhausting - both for you and for others.

Though you have psychological talents and an ability to penetrate facades, you tend to allow an obsessive ideologies or opinions to poison your relationships. When you relinquish control you discover peace.

Moon Sextile Venus

You have an affectionate nature - you have both the capacity to give succour and love, and a deep need to receive it. Obviously, therefore, relationships are extremely important to you, and you tend to form lasting bonds at an early age.

Women with this aspect have to learn to integrate the two feminine functions - maternal and erotic - into their lives in some way.

Analicia Chaves Biography Wiki  Boyfriend Karim Benzema

If she has difficulty with this she will find the sexual element in the relationship deteriorating, and will end up spending all her time on the house or with the children. A maid might be the answer!

Pluto Trine Jupiter

Because there is a good aspect between these two planets, you can expect the positive consequences to be strong and very creative, and the negative consequences minimal.

Your beliefs will undergo a profound transformation during the course of your life. It is important for you to bear this in mind, as you often defend your convictions with a compulsive persuasiveness which can be dominating in personal relationships.