The Art of Feng Shui: Fire & Wood Remedies

Feng Shui remedies, in general, are attempts to prime the pump, push the element over the top into the next element, kind of trying to work with the universe in its natural tendency to cycle from one phase to the next.

The Art of Feng Shui: Fire Remedies. 

a) Something Red

A Fire element medication can be as simple as a piece of red cloth or paper, a red-upholstered carpet, couch or chair, and a red mat around a favorite photo or painting.

b) Candles

A candle here and there also does the job, and it does not have to be lit to serve as a stimulus to the element Fire.

c) Lanterns
The Art of Feng Shui Fire & Wood Remedies

There are all kinds of lanterns that can be used in the house, some with candles, and some with small light bulbs. The lamp does not have to work to be an appropriate symbol. It just has to send the message of light and Fire. In fact, you want to be VERY careful around the house with fire, of course.

d) Fake Fire

They even make fake fireplaces. I don't like them much, but in a pinch they will sure do the job. Keep in mind that Fire is a symbol for an Element of change, and that is what we are trying to stimulate.

The Art of Feng Shui: Wood Remedies

a) Indoor Plant

Adding the Wood element can be as easy as picking up an indoor plant or two and placing them in strategic locations. Remember to water them or the remedy will turn into a problem for you. Even a little plant will do.

b) Wood Flute

One of the favorite feng-shui remedies in Asia is placing a wooden flute or a set of pan pipes around the room as a Wood remedy

c) Wood Decoration

Wood objects of all kinds can be found and positioned here or there. Shown here is a wooden hanging decoration that also moves, bringing activity to the Wood remedy.

d) Finished Wood

Although live plants are best, even finished wood is still wood, and you may have wood paneling or wood closet doors as shown here. Wood furniture also does the job.