Moon calendar for January 2017. Moon calendar astrology.

For some time after our birth, we remain dependent on the Moon for our energy and light. In a sense, we live for a time by conversion (conversation), by the sharing of our experience in consummation with a younger soul still awaiting his or her day and hour.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The Moon here is seen as the reaction or giving of form in response to the Sun or “Will” impulse.

When within the earth's orbit, the Moon operates more in connection with the solar energy of the Sun (self).

When with the Full Moon, the feelings are more extroverted or dominated by the objective mind.

Outside the earth's orbit, the Moon follows the centrifugal pull of Mars, while inside she responds to the centripetal pull of Venus.

Moon calendar for January 2017 horoscope zone
Moon Phases January 2017 Month Lunar Calendar

Moon ingresses calendar January 2016

Moon ingresses calendar january 2017

Moon phases January 2017 (Date Time, UT Phase)
  • 02, Mon 04:18 Waxing crescent
  • 05, Thu 19:46 First quarter
  • 09, Mon 04:48 Waxing gibbous
  • 12, Thu 11:33 Full Moon
  • 15, Sun 23:46 Waning gibbous
  • 19, Thu 22:13 Last quarter
  • 24, Tue 01:24 Waning crescent
  • 28, Sat 00:06 New Moon