LOVE advice: 5 things that make you irresistible to your partner.

Feels your relationship is also more like a friendship? Follow this  simple tips.

Even if you've tried to do everything to get his attention, there is nothing that works. You buy gifts, cook, and take care of all the household chores - and yet you are his invisible partner.

Start with yourself. Who were you actually, before he came into your life? Follow these five councils and find yourself again.

1. Dress nicely on - for your own good!

You will feel delicious and attractive if you make something out of them. But if you have sexy underwear or not, your partner probably less concerned, as long as you radiate sex and charm.

2. Find your passion!

People who are happy and having fun is now even more attractive than those who have always everyday obligations and complain. Find out what makes you happy and cultivate it. 

Whether it's yoga, art, shopping or something else. The most important thing is that YOU have fun with it.

3. Go out!

Be sure to get out and be among other people. Find inspiration and joy outside the home, so you have something to bring home and talk about. It does not matter where you go, as long as you come out.

4. Involve your partner - but be okay with being alone!

Invite your partner to the fun party over at friends or for a night on the couch. If you get a rejection, so be sure to do it anyway. 

Do not let your partner stop you from living life! If he or she can see that you have fun, your partner will most likely begin to say yes and be attracted to you because you are self-employed. 

If your partner insists on being boring, so have a chat with him or her. It may well be that there is something wrong that I need to work on together.

5. Keep family time!

If you are feeling housebound because of the kids, turn it into something positive and teach your children to know by finding fun activities with them. 

You will get the more fun the kids will have more fun and your partner will most likely want to be a part of it - with you!