Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016. Love and money astrology forecast Aries to Virgo.

Weekly free horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo Astrology forecast for love, health and money.

Aires Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016  Life can seem to be more difficult at this time. You may experience changes in the way you have habitually and unconsciously lived your emotional life up to now, a way of being that is no longer compatible with who you have become at a deep level.

You are on a path of transformation of your attitude toward the material at this time, and your values in general. You may become aware of associating a sense of security with material possessions.

Taurus Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016 It can be a time of great joy as you break with the past and come into the glow of a new emotional comprehension of yourself.
Week of October 9, 2016. Love and money astrology forecast Aries to Virgo

It may also be that relationship issues come to the surface, or perhaps other security needs such as a safe and cozy home life that may be challenged or otherwise changing during this period.

Your emotional needs are changing, and you can move into it gracefully if you can let go of the past.

Gemini Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016  If you are involved in the arts, you may go through some crisis in your work, or drastically change the medium of your expression, becoming a director rather than an actor, for example.

Deep-rooted issues that come to the surface also affect your values as well, and there may be changes in what you value or how conscious you are of the importance different values have in your life, and what relative priority you assign to them.

Cancer Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016  Whatever you have started to do in the august 2016 can expand  now. This will prove to  be an  excellent time  for building  or remodel ing your home. Perhaps you will build a get away retreat  to get  away to.

Situations requiring you to use forcefulness  or work  with crude  and  mean people would upset you very much.

Leo Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016 One danger of this month is retreating into yourself, and finding that social situations are far too uncomfortable for you to handle.

You may very well choose to keep your feelings hidden inside although there is plenty of warmth and friendliness to be found.

Virgo Horoscope Week of October 9, 2016 Your communication with others may be changing at this time, and you may discover difficulties in this area, as old issues from the past return to haunt you, or you have to deal with siblings or your friends in a way that seems less easy and more fraught with pain and uncertainty.

Ultimately the higher purpose of these challenges is for you to come to terms with a new way of thinking and being in the world.