Horoscope 2017 for person born in May. Taurus & Gemini zodiac forecast zone.

Horoscope 2017 Forecast People born in May Emotional upsets and disruptions are causing some friction in your life, particularly in your relationships with loved ones or on the domestic scene.

Your relationships with women may be the source of frustration, or perhaps you are feeling generally emotionally dissatisfied.

It could be literally that electrical problems in your house are causing problems or that an unexpected visit from a family member is causing friction.

It is time to let go of emotional patterns which have prevented you from expressing your true self. However, the process may be painful, emotionally or physically.
Horoscope 2017 for person born in May Taurus & Gemini

As a result you are particularly sensitive during this time, and need to take good care of yourself. It is possible that an event or person could upset your equilibrium.

You would be better to remain as flexible and positive as possible, otherwise your confidence will be severely tested.

Horoscope January - June 2017 for Taurus person born in May  This is easier said than done during this transit, so do not fret if you feel a little shaky. It will pass and you will eventually appreciate the new turn of events

You may find yourself daydreaming of better times. Daydreaming is okay: this is not the best time for making life-changing decisions or entering into agreements which demand clear judgement. Later on, when the clouds have lifted, you will be grateful for the delays.

Your work may take on some higher purpose, or you may find yourself feeling more community-oriented. Great aspirations and goals.

Horoscope January - June 2017 for Gemini person born in May Events may line up in your favor and push you over the top to new heights. A promotion or recognition for past accomplishments could be forthcoming.

Your life is evolving; you should pour all of your energies into structuring new growth.  On a material level, you may now feel financial problems, or alternatively, other shortages may occur at this time.

You may find that those in authority may impose heavy burdens, greatly restricting your freedom of movement.