Horoscope 2017 for person born in June. Gemini & Cancer zodiac forecast zone.

Horoscope 2017 Forecast People born in June Family disputes can bring on nervous tension and feelings of insecurity.

There may be jealousy around you; this could bring financial difficulties, or problems of passion and desire.

It would be easy to fall into victim mode during this transit, because the problems of the world and your own life seem too onerous.

Your usual optimism has been dampened by recent circumstances and you could easily feel disillusioned. Remember that this is a passing phase.

This is a time during which you are forced to face painful memories, which have haunted you in times gone by, and move into areas that are linked straight to your heart.
Horoscope 2017 for person born in June Gemini Cancer

Horoscope January - June 2017 for Gemini person born in June Tension arises as other people or events challenge your ideas.

You may find that others are particularly critical during this transit causing you to rethink your attitudes.

Your confidence in making decisions is shaky and therefore it is not a good time to finalize any plans with long-term consequences.

Personal and commercial business dealings are favored, and you can negotiate to your advantage. This also extends to legal matters, should they be prominent.

Your enhanced physical energy may find release in some sporting activity.

Horoscope January - June 2017 for Cancer person born in June Your thoughts as best you can and have faith in yourself, rather than becoming too reclusive.

This is a good time to meditate on clearer thinking. If you experience a change for the worse in any of your five senses, it could be a warning sign for you need to take extra care.

In some cases, this warning sign could come too late, if you have exposed yourself to loud music or noise or eaten too much spicy food.

If a visual problem is evident, try to wait until the transit is over before obtaining a prescription.