Gemeni January 2017 horoscope forecast: You are very full of the joy of life right now.

January 2017 Gemini sign horoscope zone The energy you have for others is changing in some previously unexplored fashion. You may find compulsive or controlling behavior coming up for you in connection with close interpersonal relationships for the short period of time the transit is in effect.

The Moon’s energy comes into your conscious awareness, leading to a mostly comfortable few hours, but with also the potential for the challenge or for some degree of tension. You may be more moody than usual, or more aware of the past.

Your confidence could be tested, activities could become overwhelming, or health problems could manifest.

Should you become pessimistic, discouraged, and anxious, your ability to work effectively may be eroded due to a loss of ambition. You may experience the same fate if you try to escape from your responsibilities.
Gemeni January 2017 horoscope forecast

Gemini horoscope prediction for January 2017 This is a good time to meditate on clearer thinking.

If you experience a change for the worse in any of your five senses, it could be a warning sign for you need to take extra care.

In some cases, this warning sign could come too late, if you have exposed yourself to loud music or noise or eaten too much spicy food.

If a visual problem is evident, try to wait until the transit is over before obtaining a prescription.

Something needs to change during this volatile period, but your actions may be erratic because you aren’t sure what you want.

Controlling your animosity and competitive feelings can be tricky, and you may provoke the opposition of others. Yet those outer influences may provide just the kick you need.

January 2017 Gemini zodiac forecast Good Jupiter horoscope aspects bring health, happiness, and financial benefit in accordance with the radical indications.

If Jupiter retrogrades he is not so active but the period of good is protracted by his repeated direct passage over the good aspects.

You could have an emotional eruption with someone, an old-fashioned standoff. Tempers may be hot, as push comes to shove. Self-control might be in order.