Dangerous to the the relationship: Here are the 7 forbidden thoughts.

What role plays your partner in your thoughts? This can be crucial to your survival of couples. Read the thoughts that must have your alarm bells to ring.

The thoughts about your partner may, in particular, discourage your intimacy, trust, and communication, which ultimately may mean that you go separate ways.

For although there may be a gram of truth in your thoughts about your partner, it is vital that you do not leave your ideas in your head get to the truth about your relationship.

People who can see beyond these destructive thoughts about each other are more likely to be happy and stay together.

It may, therefore, be a good idea to be aware of these thoughts, as a psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein mentions:

1. All-or-nothing trap
You see your partner as that either always doing something wrong, or never make it right.
Astrology Love Advice 7 forbidden thoughts

2. Disaster rate
You always exaggerate the negative consequences of what your partner is doing.

(Example: He forgot to pay the rent on time, so now we definitely evicted)

3. Should bomb
You think your partner should know what your needs are, even if you never express them.

4. Negative labeling
You impose on the unfair and negative show your partner some condescending properties as "lazy" or "stupid" and overlook all the positive.

5. "It's your fault it all"
You accuse your partner of being the root of all bad in your life.

6. Emotional short circuits
These occur when you can not handle your partner's feelings. You are inclined to think "no one can, of course, talk sense with you."

7. Hasty Conclusions
You assume certain things about your partner that are not based on reality. (Example: He's never time for me - so he must have an affair)