Astro Wiki Jenni Lee birth chart zodiac - You are highly perceptive and sensitive.

Wiki: Jenni Lee (AKA Jenny Lee, Stephanie Sadorra) is a shapely brunette adult star from Clarksville, TN, born on February 11, 1982.

Jenni Lee  is of mixed Irish, German and Puerto Rican heritage. Before breaking into the adult industry, she was a mainstream fashion model and TV Commercial actress.

Jenni Lee announced her retirement from the adult industry in 2009. She now lives in Las Vegas, NV and works primarily as a fashion model.

Celebrity astrology: Jenni Lee natal horoscope prediction. 

Sun in Aquarius

You have an acute intuition and a keen knowledge of human nature, with an intuitive understanding of other people.
Wiki Jenni Lee birth chart zodiac forecast

Motivated by a sense of justice and fairness towards others, you tend to treat people as equals.

You are a friendly person by nature and in most cases, friendship is so important, that you are inclined to value it above one-to-one personal relationships.

Sun Trine Mars

You have an abundance of energy, which you express positively and confidently. You have strong willpower and the drive to achieve whatever is important to you in life.

Naturally assertive, you like taking charge of situations and making your intentions known.

Sun SemiSquare Midheaven

You have the power to succeed and to realize your personal goals and aspirations, but only through great effort and self-motivation.

You will tend to fluctuate between having a clear awareness of your objectives and feeling aimless and directionless.

Moon in 6th House

You are motivated by the urge to be of service and to care for the needs of others, which makes you especially suited to the helping or catering professions.

An inter-relationship exists between your emotional state, your health and your ability to work effectively.

Uranus in Sagittarius

You are motivated by the desire to carry through reforms that reflect your and your generation's particular outlooks on life, despite inevitable confrontations with traditional or conventional forces.