2017 Tattoo according to zodiac: Taurus woman 

The Taurus woman loves the good things in life: good food, friends and especially the holidays (always well deserved, too!). The palm tree tattoo is the best symbol of this epicurean spirit and good living.

But as the Taurus woman is an emotional high, a tattoo of love suits him perfectly. A heart, a favorite nickname, whatever, but preferably to the neck.

2017 Tattoo according to zodiac: Gemini woman 

The Gemini woman is always ready to fly to new horizons, either in his mind or true dreamer. Never frightened by change, the tattoo that best represents it is a tattoo of lightness, flight, openness to the world.

A bird, wings, a feather tattoo ...

2017 Tattoo according to zodiac: Cancer woman 

Cancer woman is living pillars of family and tradition. She likes to live in a stable and peaceful environment.

Therefore, nothing is better than the tattoo symbolizing stability. An anchor tattoo, a heart, the name of someone dear to him ...

Selena Gomez for example, which is Cancer, is tattooed on the neck with the date of birth of his mother.

2017 Tattoo according to zodiac: The woman Lion

No one can describe the Lion woman  fragile or easily influenced.

A picture of his astrological sign , the Leo woman is naturally a ringleader: " I'm not bossy, I'm the Boss " is his credo (thank you Queen B!).

To symbolize this determination and perseverance, nothing better than a crown tattoo, even a lion tattoo, like Cara Delevingne?

2017 Tattoo according to zodiac: The woman Libra

The woman Libra does not like loneliness. To her, everything is better in two!

No surprise then if you are told that their ideal tattoo is double or not. Libra is the sign makes a tattoo couples or best friends.