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An eclipse is the full or partial obscuring of the Sun by the Moon (a solar eclipse), or the full or partial obscuring of the Moon by the Sun (a lunar eclipse).

When planets and stars are obscured by another celestial body (particularly by the Moon), it is called an occultation.

The orbits of the Sun and Moon intersect, but are not parallel; if they were parallel, a solar eclipse would occur during every new moon and a lunar eclipse every full moon.

2017 All Solar an Lunar Eclipses From 1 Jan 2017 To 31 Dec 2017

Eclipses can occur only when the Sun and Moon intersect the lunar nodes.

S/L  Type   Date       Time       Position   Saros # Saros # Gamma Magnitude Duration SD Total SD Partial
                      (UT)                 (vdB) (J/B)         (Umbral) (Min:Sec) (Hr:Min) (Hr:Min)
Lunar Appulse 11 Feb 2017 00:32:48   22°Le28'06'' 114           1,025 0,03         0:00   0:00  
Solar Annular 26 Feb 2017 14:58:18   08°Pi12'06'' 140   19 South -0,458 0,992   0:44              
Lunar Partial 7 Aug 2017 18:10:32   15°Aq25'10'' 119           0,867 0,251         0:00   0:58  
Solar Total   21 Aug 2017 18:30:06   28°Le52'56'' 145   1 North 0,437 1,031   0:40   

The influence of eclipses, whether full or partial, has been regarded as negative, portending famine, war, and the like.

Also, with respect to individual natal charts, the traditional interpretation is that an eclipse exerts a malefic influence, particularly if it falls on or near (within 5° of) a natal planet or an angle.

Contemporary astrologers tend to see eclipses as indicating emphasis or a crisis in the affairs related to the house in which the eclipse occurs.