1 October Birthday Horoscope for 2017-2018: You have greater emotional insight.

1 October LIBRA Birthday Horoscope for 2017-2018 Marriage for convention’s sake, if at all, is your motto. Let’s not get too personal or emotional.

A friend’s friend. You love to work for a great cause or purpose, and a better world is the place to be. You appreciate what’s fair and democratic, and feel most happy in a group or community.

You have a strong desire, even a compulsion, to be seen on some form of public stage, to share your unique sensibility with others and move them or enlighten them in some way.

Yet, again and again, you find yourself thwarted in your attempts to shine. You may appear shy, or feel awkward in the presence of other people.

You may have had painful experiences in your formative years in which you were put down or been made to feel insecure.
1 October Birthday Horoscope for 2017 2018

Or your basic sense of your own individuality may have been in conflict with that of important parental figures that were a powerful influence upon you as you were growing up.

These experiences may have had the effect of causing you to be wary of actually coming out with who you really are.

1 October Birthday horoscope profile for 2017-2018 Good news is winging its way towards you, but it may get blown off course before it gets to you.

So don’t give up: success will come your way as long as you keep trying.

There could be a journey in the offing, and relationships are about to take a turn for the better.

You may enjoy eccentric or unconventional friends and groups with some kind of humanitarian flavor will appeal.

You have very original ideas when it comes to community, making our collective dreams into a reality.

LIBRA Birthday Horoscope Zone for 2017-2018 Getting a handle on and becoming more aware of your emotional state, which could be tense or somewhat high-strung just now, is indicated.

But it could also involve some real flashes of insight into your mind and emotions. You are getting the idea.

Grasp the awareness of what you are feeling, perhaps an insight into your own personal support
structure, and have patience with obstacles that will arise to frustrate you.

These are just nudges in a new direction, that of being more receptive.