Wiki Nova Patra birth chart report - You have a need for unconventional relationships.

BIO: Girl gamer Nova Patra creates unique content on new media types, combining multiple media forms, including webcam and videogame screen-captures.

Nova describes herself as "the new-age Cleopatra who elevates collective consciousness as an unconventional rebellious content creator".

Famous dota2 and LoL streamer on twitch forgot to turn OFF after her stream... and fap into big O.

Nova Patra bio basic facts

  • Born - 1989
  • Nationality - Canada
  • Height - 5'4"
  • Stats - 34-24-36
  • Residence - Vancouver, Canada
  • Ethnicity - Chinese
  • Zodiac Sign - Virgo
Celebrity astrology forecast: Nova Patra birth chart analysis
Nova Patra Forgets To Turn Off Stream While Pleasuring Herself

You are an independent thinker. You talk quickly and like to think up new ideas. You may experience flashes of intuition.

You're a sociable person, who makes friends easily with people from all walks of life. You feel most at home when amongst a group of like-minded people. 

Success in achieving your life goals is likely to be gained through your connection with other people, in particularly those who have attained a high position in society. 

A loyal and honest person, you benefit greatly through your friendships, alliances, and group affiliations.

Other people recognize the worth of a trusting and decent friend and treat you well. 

You're a natural-born leader. The ability to focus on one's own goals to the exclusion of others is a healthy trait, but like all things a balance is needed, and you must make sure that you take the time to include others' points of views and modus operandi. 

Communication with your friends will be important to you. 

You will want to share your thoughts and ideas with friends. You may also like to study with groups, or to join a group with common beliefs.

You need to learn how to put all your enthusiasm to good use. You lack self-discipline and leave the details of your grand schemes to others to sort out. 

Learn to manage yourself better and you will achieve much.

You have a need for unconventional relationships. Freedom within relationships will also be important to you. You will learn about your own individuality through unusual relationships.