Wiki Helen Skelton birth chart zodiac forecast - you bring much wisdom to your chosen profession.

Bio: Helen Elizabeth Skelton (born on 19 July 1983; Carlisle, Cumbria, England) is an English television presenter, best known for co-presenting the BBC children's program Blue Peter from 2008 until 2013 and as an occasional presenter on Countryfile.

She’s a few clever clogs, having earned herself a degree in journalism.

In December 2013, Helen Skelton married England national rugby league team player Richie Myler. Skelton gave birth to her first child, a boy named Ernie, on 19 June 2015. After Myler joined the Catalan Dragons club, they moved to France in September 2015.

Helen caused a bit of an Internet  meltdown during the Rio Olympics 2016 when she appeared on screen in a VERY short dress…
Helen Skelton natal zodiac horoscope
Helen Skelton very short dress

Celebrity astrology: Helen Skelton natal birth zodiac 

You are a self-motivated and self-oriented individual. You like to map out your own life and follow your own path, experiencing difficulties only if anyone stands in your way.

You value your independence and enjoy your own company.

You are a compassionate and loving partner, with possibly some martyrish tendencies. You can be idealistic when it comes to personal relationships.

You need to share spiritual or artistic endeavors with your partner.

You have an emotional intensity and a strong need for drama. Under stress, you will create drama and intensity in your life.

You have an inquisitive mind and your main aim is to keep up with all that is going on and to expose yourself to new ideas and subjects.

You also have a retentive memory and the ability to converse on just about any topic, pulling bits and pieces of information from the recesses of your mind.
Helen Skelton birth chart zodiac forecast

You also like to express your own ideas to as many people as possible - the more the merrier.

Your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Cancer indicating that you're a caring and nurturing individual with a strong need for family and comfort.

Like the crab, you may appear to have a tough outer shell but you're vulnerable underneath and will withdraw into your shell and home if feeling threatened.

This withdrawal can happen quite often as you've strong emotional reactions.

You've lofty ideals and like to share a common goal with other people.

For these reasons, your profession may also be linked with working with groups of people, particularly one with a humanitarian cause.

You've many hopes and visions of what you want to achieve in your life and can inspire others with your ideas.