TAROT reading SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO 2017. Love & Marriage prediction.

2017 SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO Tarot Love Forecast While VIRGO tends to focus on the trees, SAGITTARIUS is interested in the forest.

Very often VIRGO points out problems with specific details of any situation, while SAGITTARIUS would rather discuss the overall, general outlook rather than the practical details.

It is inevitable that SAGITTARIUS will feel annoyed with VIRGO's "pettiness" and criticism at times, and VIRGO will feel frustrated by SAGITTARIUS's sloppiness of thought or "irresponsible"

You are both rather cautious, carefully analyzing or ruminating over a possible change before

VIRGO, in particular, is rather slow to come to a decision and dislikes changes in the personal or domestic sphere, but once a choice is made, will go ahead with equanimity.
2017 Tarot card Compatibility Report for SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO

SAGITTARIUS, on the other hand, worries, frets, and is very particular and difficult to please at times.

VIRGO's steadiness, even temper, emotional strength, and stability is very comforting to SAGITTARIUS at such times.

2017 TAROT reading for love compatibility VIRGO & SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS must be very careful not to harshly criticize or judge VIRGO.

There is a strong tendency for VIRGO to feel blocked, frustrated, and discouraged by SAGITTARIUS.

Typically, SAGITTARIUS will feel surprised by VIRGO's feelings of frustration and anger, and feel that VIRGO is just being overly sensitive to criticism.

There is a strong element of unpredictability and spontaneity as well and you enjoy improvising new ideas and playing together.

Because there is a loose, spontaneous quality to your relationship, you find that very often you can not depend on each other and it is difficult for the two of you to focus on mundane, tedious, or onerous tasks together.

SAGITTARIUS provides the vision, the social contacts, and ideas, while VIRGO provides energy, decisive will, and enthusiasm.