September 1 VIRGO Birthday Horoscope 2016 - 2017: Impatience is your mortal enemy.

Forecast Horoscope for September 2016 to September 2017 if You Were Born Today, September 1 in VIRGO zodiac sign.

September 1 Birthday Horoscope September - October 2016 You are a perfectionist and you set yourself high standards, especially in your work. Intellectually, you have an analytical mind, coupled with an appreciation of order and a practical approach to things.

During this period you are very sensitive to environmental influences and the words and actions of others. There is the risk of being exposed to dishonesty or deception. Travel may be beneficial now.

Virgo September 1 Birthday Horoscope November - December 2016 This is a time to gain a sum of wealth but that would be lost, spent or squandered quickly. You will strongly feel its value then.

However you will be modestly rich, and will really feel the burden of it. This will make you independent and stubborn. You should learn to be financially efficient.
September 1 VIRGO Birthday Horoscope 2016  2017

September 1 Birthday Horoscope January - February 2017 Regarding your domestic and family life, you could change residence now, or even uproot yourself from your place of birth and move across state or abroad.

Another thing to consider at this time is your reputation. Take great care now that you do not over-estimate yourself or your abilities, as this transit can set you up for a dramatic fall.

September 1 Birthday Horoscope March - April 2017 You should be aware that you have an adequate amount of intelligence to confront and deal with the difficulties that life has posed in front of you. So make own judgments while avoiding argumentation and resentfulness.

Virgo September 1 Birthday Horoscope May - June 2017 Impatience is  your mortal enemy now and you should use this opportunity to watch and wait rather  than act.  Partnerships whether marriage  or business is  favorable IF  you use  your good  sense and perception.

September 1 Birthday Horoscope July - August 2017 This will be a time of less strain, tension and worry in your life and you will notice an increase in emotional expression. Benefits can come from matters of real estate or you may decide to move to a new  house.

Little annoyances could spoil what can be an otherwise pleasant period, if you're not careful. You should try to make every effort to get on with others and not to react to situations or provocations.