October 2016 Numerology Forecast. Find your life path number according to sign.

October 2016 numerology forecast based on zodiac sign. Hear your free numerology prediction now so you can prepare for potential provocation and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.

Gemini October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 5) This is not the best time for seeking loans from others, such as lending institutions, because you mightn't get a good repayment arrangement.

Cancer October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 9) You may be surprised at just how co-operative and helpful others are towards you now. Your connection with other people are better than usual and your social calendar is likely to be quite full.

Leo October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 1) Some people simply experience it as a period of fluctuating energy levels, while others find themselves taking physical risks that they wouldn't normally consider; they become thrill-seekers and daredevils.
October 2016 Numerology Forecast

Virgo October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 4) Your powers of judgement may prove to be faulty under this influence. You are prone to unrealistic thinking now and will have to guard against exposure to lies or deceptions.

Libra October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 2) Remember your responsibilities, keep a cool head and do not scatter your energies over too many projects. And, whatever your age, watch your general health, but more particularly if you are older.

Scorpio October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 3) During this period your life seems to be moving at the rate of one step forward and one step backwards. You feel like you're driving with the handbrake on. Everything takes a lot of effort at the moment.

Sagittarius October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 7) Your mind is razor sharp and your powers of comprehension are second to none now. However, if you're in too much of a rush to get things done, you risk making mistakes and wrong decisions.

Capricorn October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 8) There’s nothing wrong with having ideals (or standards, as some of you may call them). You do want to have something by which to gauge the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. Yet, sometimes our ideals are so lofty, sometimes our rules are so important, we often miss the fulfillment of our dreams or the opportunities to fulfill them.

Aquarius October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 6) Your thoughts tend to be influenced by deep emotional stirrings now. Your powers of persuasion are very strong and you should be able to convince just about anybody of anything at the present time.

Pisces October 2016 numerology forecast (Life Path 3) So many changes are happening in your life, and a lot of it is stuff that everyone will know about since the energy is manifesting in a very public sector of your chart. Your focus shifts to your social life towards the end of the month.