Love Astrology wiki: 5 signs that you are in a rebound relationship

See here if your relationship is a rebound relationship. When you've just come out of a relationship, one might be tempted to go straight from one relationship to another and more loosely conditions.

But such a relationship often ends up being a "rebound relationship", ie a relationship you are only in order to move on after your ex.

Sometimes these conditions fine, but they can also end up with both you and your rebound girlfriend sitting back after a break and have it worse than before.

1. It was never intended that your relationship would be long lasting

Probably the most classic signs of a rebound relationship.

You dating a new, and even if you like cosiness and attention a new girlfriend brings into your life, you know very well that he will never be "the one".
5 signs that you are in a rebound relationship

There is nothing wrong in being compared, one might not know they have great prospects, but it increases your sensibility and sensitivity if you go into such a relationship right after you and your ex-broke up.

2. You call your partner when you are lonely, but forget him when you are happy

Another classic sign of a rebound relationship is when you only call your girlfriend when you feel alone, sad or empty.

Conversely forget you sweetheart, when you feel good, and can sometimes neglect him long times. You are only a ford team with him because you have a need for him when you feel bad, but you have actually not the right desire to be with him.

3. Your new girlfriend must look like your ex

You go - consciously or unconsciously - in search of a new boyfriend, reminiscent of your ex.

You were the girlfriend of a red-haired man before, you so look for one that also has red hair, or you might go for a girlfriend who grows very sports because it made your ex.

When you go for a new girlfriend, reminiscent of your ex, it's because you're still trying to hold on to some of your previous relationships.

4. You think of your ex when you are with your new girlfriend

It is problematic to go into a rebound relationship quickly after a break when you are still emotionally attached to your previous relationship.

Perhaps you miss your ex, and you will not be able to drop him in mind, even when you are with your new boyfriend.

5. You do not present your girlfriend to those closest to you

When a relationship becomes serious, you can often see it at the new boyfriend is being introduced for the closest friends and family.

When you are in a rebound relationship, you probably will not introduce your girlfriend to those closest to you, since you already know that the relationship will not last.