GEMINI TAROT CARD READING 2017: Ten of Cups. Promise of emotional Fulfillment and a peaceful family life.

2017 Gemini Tarot Oracle Meanings There is promise of emotional Fulfillment and a peaceful family life. Harmony and Abundance will be your lot.

This tarot card represents the completion of the cycle. Could indicate a safe haven and a promise of more to come.

There will be a realization of of personal hopes and dreams. Permanent and lasting success. True friendships, lasting happiness and security. Generosity and kindness. Happy Family Life.

You are likely to have beneficial contacts with other people, and have positive feelings come up for you in regard to important interpersonal relationships during the approximately week-long period of time this transit is in effect.

You may have so much physical energy that you need to seek an outlet for it in sports or related activities.

2017 Gemini tarot card meaning  Travel is another urge that may come over you at this time. Overall, you will find you have much greater energy than usual, and your renewed sense of optimism may give you great clarity of purpose.

There are lots of choices being offered you and you are now trying to decide which to take or where to go.  A feeling of powerlessness, inadequacy, or even bewilderment is indicated.

There is need to sort things out so that a confusing issued can be resolved. Business can take an upward swing and there will be gains in your finances.  There will be a tendency to escape from responsibilities.

Gemini 2017 TAROT Forecast Feelings of restlessness may come up for you during this period of time.

During this period, you are very conscious of your urge for freedom, or your need to find your own unique individual expression of yourself.

You will also feel a renewed sense of connection to higher purpose in terms of your values generally.

And of course, love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you.

Gemini 2017 TAROT horoscope prediction A new business partnership will be opened to you. A marriage, union, or new living arrangement will also be proposed.

You will advance toward your goals.