Astrology LOVE advice. Be selfish - it's good for both, you and your partner.

It benefits your relationship if you stand by yourself and leave egoism win sometimes?

Researchers from the University of Arizona are having studied and investigated various couples come to the conclusion that it pays to be a bit selfish in the relationship.

Do not sacrifice yourself

Scientists believe that if you constantly sacrifice yourself for your partner, and take tasks on your shoulders like maybe heard better at his will perform the tasks of an angry and stressed mind.

This may lead to a major conflict or internal unrest with you.

Do you have the night before talking about who should do the dishes or pick up the kids at. 15 throughout this week, and you just caved in, and said that it should you got enough to do, even if you know that you have nothing left for the dishes, or that you will have to go earlier in the work to pick up the kids, your partner will not perceive it as something you do not actually want or profits.

astrology LOVE advice be selfish

Why should he? You sent the signal that it was not the big problem.

This concerns not only to you

This tension suddenly occurs when your partner think that everything is in perfect order, while constantly accumulated irritation or becomes stressed, may eventually end in a far more violent conflict than a little discussion about who should take the dishes.

Therefore, researchers agree that your relationship will be good for you (and your partner) learns to stand more firmly by yourselves, and be a bit more selfish.

You must learn not to give in and believe that you make your partner happy or that frees you from unpleasant quarrels.

Of course, your relationship will always be based on compromise, but the ability to speak out and not always having to sacrifice himself and his needs, can only make the relationship with your husband even stronger, the researchers conclude.

Remember these three sentences:

"You can say no and think to yourself - it benefits the whole family"

"A compromise is perhaps the solution, but it is better than being angry that you did not say no, and now stands in a demanding and stressful situation"

"Your partner has just as much right as you to be selfish and think of themselves sometimes"