Astro Wiki: EVA MARIE birth chart zodiac - Virgo with a vivid imagination.

Wiki: Natalie Marie Coyle ( born September 19, 1984), known professionally as Natalie Eva Marie, is an American actress, fitness model, professional wrestler and professional wrestling manager, currently signed to WWE under the ring name Eva Marie, performing on the SmackDown brand.

In 2014, Eva Marie ranked number 83 in Maxim's Hot 100. Marie has appeared in one WWE video game. She made her in-game debut at WWE 2K16.

On August 23, 2014, she married Jonathan Coyle.

Now, Eva Marie was Suspended by WWE for Violating Wellness Policy.

Celebrity astrology: EVA MARIE birth chart astrology forecast. Virgo Sign.

For those born under the earth sign of Virgo, work may play the central role in your existence. Such work is often of a service or health-related nature.

If this is not so and ill health befalls you, perhaps you should consider a task in life that suits your temperament and soul's desire. Virgo is an earth sign, and so you appreciate material progress.
EVA MARIE birth chart zodiac astrology

Like most earth signs, you have a fear of poverty and this may contribute to some of your worries. You love good food and value practical physical comforts. Nobody can surpass your perfectionism.

Eloquence impresses you, particularly when well-chosen words are put together like gems on a necklace.

Such words sound like a symphony to your ears, and you prefer this kind of attention to other less sophisticated signs of affection.

You may feel a strong link to your mother, family, and home environment. There is an active nostalgia, especially towards your upbringing and environment.

Intuition is also powerful -- you somehow know things without being informed -- and it serves as a connection to your psychic ability.

A vivid imagination is often present that influences your lifestyle. Your feelings run deep and can be rather intense, yet you protect them.

An accentuated emotional sensibility means that you are easily hurt and because you have a retentive memory regarding emotional pain, you guard yourself by placing an emotional barrier or shell around you. Others may see you as being shy.

Hard aspects to Jupiter can indicate how your personality might be limited or restricted. Be careful not to develop too high an opinion of yourself.

Sometimes you are so convinced that you have numerous valuable and sensational contributions to make, that you cannot keep any of it to yourself.

Overestimating yourself may mean that you also overestimate your potential. You may have wonderful ideas and inspiration, but failure can occur with insufficient discipline and concentration.