Astro Wiki: Chanel IMAN birth chart zodiac - Gregarious and optimistic!

Wiki: Chanel Iman Robinson (born December 1, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American model. Half African American, half Korean, Chanel grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Iman mother is the owner of "The Red Bag Boutique" with daughter in Los Angeles. She helps local communities in Los Angeles and New York.

Through her prolific modeling career, she has never worked for the brand that is her namesake, Chanel.

In October 2007, Chanel Iman appeared with her mother on an episode of the Tyra Banks Show.

In August 2015, it was confirmed that Iman was dating Lakers basketball player Jordan Clarkson.

Celebrity horoscope: Chanel Iman birth chart astrology reading

Ascendant in Pisces 
Chanel Iman birth chart zodiac

Your primary motivation in life is to feel emotionally secure. You have an abundance of feeling and are sensitive to what is happening in and around you. 

You easily pick-up on the mood of the environment and also influence it by your actions. Quite possibly, you have psychic ability.

Ascendant Square Venus

You have a pleasant and friendly personality that other people find attractive and alluring. You possess physical appeal, a charming nature, sophistication and a good fashion sense. 

Iman you may have artistic talents; you will certainly have an appreciation of the arts and culture. 

Sun in 9th House

You are a seeker of truth and wisdom and can be given to sudden insights and inspirations. You tend to have strong beliefs and opinions, but can come across to others as ardent, strident and preachy.

Sun Trine Jupiter

You have an essentially positive and healthy outlook on life. Generosity of spirit and goodwill towards others makes you a popular companion and a fun person to be around. 

You are motivated by a strong urge to expand in life and to broaden your personal horizons. 

Moon in 3rd House

Free and frank emotional discussions are important to you. You are a communicative person requiring mental and emotional stimulation within your immediate surroundings. 

Your siblings and relatives can play an important part in your emotional and mental development, for good or otherwise.

Chanel Iman birth chart astrology

Venus in 9th House

In love, you may be attracted to someone whose background or culture is vastly different to your own.

Romantic experiences can occur during travel. Also, intimate and social contacts can be made in connection with higher learning, philosophy, spiritual or religious environments.