Psychic astrology predictions 2017 for FIRE zodiac signs

ARIES Psychic astrology predictions 2017 This is a year of expansion and personal growth, World. It is a time of heightened personal expression.  Creativity and artistic talent come to the forefront.  You are lighthearted and drawn to all kinds of social events.

More than most other years, you will entertain and be entertained.  You meet new and exciting people.  It is a time to appreciate all that you have.

You are highly dynamic and charismatic.  Your challenge is to avoid scattering your energies.  You have a rare opportunity to bring forth new and creative ideas.  But that requires discipline and focus.

It is easy to be optimistic and enthusiastic this year and this may result in speeding up your projects. Yet there will be delays and disappointments unless your enthusiasm is based upon the reality of work and concentration.

LEO Psychic astrology predictions 2017 Is a time of sudden  events and  legalities or  make some very important decisions that are immediate  in nature.

Legal matters will test your sense of balance, court decisions or legal advice will be sought.

There can  be legacies,  dealings with  wills, claims  for accidents and agreements made for contracts and sales.

People may begin to take notice of who you are  and reward you for your  good work  or recognition can come  for previous work that is long forgotten and never expected  anyone to  take notice of.

SAGITTARIUS Psychic astrology predictions 2017 You must be flexible this year to make full use of the opportunities that present themselves. It will require a combination of perseverance, hard work, and versatility.

You will receive recognition for your efforts and support from your friends and family. It is a good year to buy real estate or remodel your home.  It is also a good time to take care of projects which have been postponed for to long.

Fulfill your obligations and do not be afraid to spend some of that hard earned money.  Selling and trading during this year usually is quite successful.