Ten great things to say to your girlfriend. Small good words are important to the relationship.

2017 Love astrology advice 10 good things you have to say to get a better relationship. Have you said something nice to your girlfriend in the past? Small good words are important to get the relationship to blossom, says, psychologists.

Ten great things to say to your girlfriend.

Here she pulls out his ten favorites phrases, based on what she believes is important to communicate in a relationship:

1) I care about their feelings

With this statement, you should listen to the other's thoughts and feelings. This shows that you care about how your partner has it, it is highly appreciated.

2) Thanks. Thanks for all you do for me and all the values you create in my life.
Ten great things to say to your girlfriend.

Very important not to take their partner as a course. This is about being seen and appreciated.

3) You are beautiful. What I think is most beautiful at you, inside and outside are ... (fill in whatever suits!)

Your partner will need confirmation that he / she is accepted and respected for who you are.

4) What can I do to support you

Here you show that you want to help their partner, that one is interested in learning the second to know. It creates security and developer relations.

5) What do you think about our relationship?

When inquiring about how to have it together in a relationship, then you show interest in the relationship and for the others. Man wants to know what the others think, and it paves the way for improvements if needed.

6) I trust you and our relationship.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Get it up and add facilitate this.

7) I respect you.

Very important that your partner feels respected and accepted. One trainer does not agree with everything, but respect must be present in a good relationship.

8) I have faith in you

But getting stronger that others have faith in themselves, and it is particularly important that the partner supports his girlfriend.

9) You are free to be exactly who you are in our relationship

Many are keen to change your partner to be as similar as possible. It is wrong, and the worst pitfall one can go in is to try to change the other. One must be left free to be themselves and true to himself and his inner.

10) Your love is what keeps me going every day.