Smart snoring plaster save sleep. World's first smartpatch to quiet snoring noise

A new, technologically snore patch cancels the deep sounds of the palate. It creates a quiet zone in the bedroom and makes sure everyone gets to sleep.

Whether you are male or female, you've probably tried to wake to the sound of someone else's snoring. A deep growl that just lasts and lasts.

There are countless nose plasters and nasal sprays on the market. They should open the airways to the snoring, but the impact is limited.

Therefore firm Silent Partner attacks the problem from a new angle.

Sleep assured with quiet zone
World's first smartpatch to quiet snoring noise

The new technological patch creates a kind of quiet zone around the noisy late risers by emitting negative sound waves.

It is the same technique used in noise-canceling headphones.

The patch records the sound waves string collector outputs. Then send the patch out one counter-noise, which offsets the bothersome snoring.

Counter-noise creates a bubble of about 20 cm round the sleeper, the sound does not escape, but where such a common voice fine concede.

Silent Partner has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where they aimed to collect about $10000 USD. In time of writing, they collected nearly $728,665.

Price for restful sleep: $121  USD + Shipping

The patch has a price of around $121 USD, and although it has not been tested scientifically, witnesses the great support that this is a widespread problem throughout the bedrooms.