September 2016 Chinese horoscope for RAT: You could become aware of secrets.

RAT September 2016 Chinese horoscope forecast Misunderstandings could cause problems. Be very careful with important documents and contracts during this period; make sure you double check everything and get good advice before signing anything complex.

This will be an incredibly boring month. The economy is under some pressure, and there are many things you can not afford. It is, therefore, wise to be somewhat sober.

Fortunately you'll manage well and can expect that new additions are not far away. Problems encountered in the relationship can cost you money and headaches if you do not fit in.

You could become aware of secrets and intrigues at this time. Another may wish to confide in you. You may feel compelled to go into retreat to do intellectual work or catch up on correspondences.
September 2016 Chinese horoscope for RAT

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Chinese horoscope reading September 2016 for RAT You will be inclined to spend extended periods of time alone or in seclusion, or if there is someone important in your life, you will appreciate quiet times together.

Some old issues arise in your workplace and makes some unexpected problems for you. These events will be able to cope in a nice way and the result is to your own advantage.

You should take good advice from someone of the opposite sex, for sometimes work out.

The desire to socialise and to indulge the senses is accentuated now. Just don't overdo it, because your body won't thank you afterwards. 

Self-indulgent tendencies are strong now. Travelling during this transit may not be enjoyable.