November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Horoscope. November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days for Money & Love.

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Fortune forecast This is a good time to begin long-term projects. You're brimful of excess energy, enough to add a lot of momentum to that new idea or project.

You'll know in about six months whether it's solid enough to weather trouble, and in a year, if it's really a success.

Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds. Don't let anyone  pull the  wool over
your eyes and stop daydreaming if there is work to be done.

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days Forecast: 4, 17, 19, 29

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Most Stressful Days Forecast: 2, 10, 18, 21

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days for Love: 2, 6, 17, 28
November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days for Money & Love

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days for Money: 3, 9, 13, 22

November 2016 SAGITTARIUS Best Days for Career: 4, 14, 11, 25

November 1 -15, 2016 SAGITTARIUS Horoscope zone forecast You may even receive a gift or extra money.

Don't go to excess, and try to avoid people who are too self-centered, otherwise, you may take the blame for some of the things they do or say.

You might learn something new and  useful. Things will probably go better for you today if you listen more than talk.

Be tolerant of others' beliefs and opinions. You can  win new  friends if  you exercise that discipline. If you like to argue, then  this is  the day you  may get  your fill.

November 16 -30, 2016 SAGITTARIUS astrology Horoscope prediction Your mind is active and it may be  difficult at times to slow it down and relax.

Your nerves  are wound  up and  it may be necessary for you at some time today to force yourself  to seek a quiet place and  recoup your strength.

Watch  a tendency  to argue with friends,  display impatience,  especially while  driving, and  to generally be on edge.

Your desires are strong, and you will want to enjoy yourself. Romance is very possible. There is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life.