Mads Holger is dead. Mads Holger was unmarried and leaves no children.

The 38-year-old radio host, commentator and author Mads Holger is dead. It confirms the family to Politiken newspaper .

He set out in 2015 for the Conservatives in the election but later left the party.

Mads Holger was unmarried and leaves no children. Mads Holger leaves a mother, a sister, two aunts, a girlfriend and a great legacy.

He grew up in Nørrebro with his mother and little sister, and studied briefly philosophy after his high school, but went soon after of the theology training which he completed.

But it is a journalist and writer, he has become best known in the Danish land. He worked as a journalist from 1996 and has in recent years been a particularly popular blogger at Berlingske.
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Ditte Giese, who is a journalist at Politiken and has written the obituary, writing on Twitter that the family has asked her to write that Mads Holger has taken his own life.

'The family says that Mads Holger Monday chose to take his own life in the family home on South Funen. He leaves behind a mother, a sister, two aunts and a girlfriend ', writes Politiken.

Mads Holger managed to publish three books. 'Everyone goes around and fall in love' from 2008 'gold leaf' from 2012 and 'Lord Preserved from 2012.

In 2015, Holger put o on to parliament for the conservative, where he got 977 votes and thus was not elected.

He chose to criticize the party vehemently after the election and was finally excluded.

Mads Holger hosted the radio program Confessional 2011-2014 on Radio24syv where he had weekly three guests. They talked about faith and existence.