Love Horoscope 2017 Taurus & Capricorn: This relationship inspires creativity and originality.

Single Taurus and Capricorn 2017 Love horoscope forecast Both of you are very practical people, with sound common sense. Your grounded and realistic approach to issues makes you very compatible philosophically and intellectually.

Once you become friends, an enduring relationship is quite likely. You feel you can rely on one another.

There are differences between you, though. Capricorn has little sense of limits or boundaries, and may be very comfortable in a rather fluid, disorderly, even chaotic, sort of atmosphere.

Taurus has a highly developed sense of balance, proportion, and symmetry, and naturally, seeks order.

Your basic aims and approach to life are in harmony, and the mutual respect you feel forms the basis of an excellent friendship or partnership.
Love Horoscope 2017 Taurus & Capricorn

You feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. You stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other.

2017 yearly love and compatibility horoscope for Taurus and Capricorn You don't loosen up and enjoy each other's company as much as you might have hoped.

The mood that develops when you get together is formal, even constrained and inhibited at times.

Taurus may feel that Capricorn is too critical, acting like a parent or authority towards Taurus.

Your conversations are spirited and often exhilarating. You spark each other to view situations in a new light and you inspire creative, original, inventive ideas.

This relationship inspires creativity and originality, and a fresh perspective towards any problem or situation.

Sometimes you will simply not be able to work together on a problem; you will need to sometimes
work independently of each other to "stay out of each other's hair".