LIBRA horoscope Week of August 29, 2016. Love and money astrology forecast.

Week of August 29, 2016, LIBRA horoscope prediction If you are the lucky type you may come in to money at this time. If you are not, then you may have to deal with large sums of money for some other reason.

You achieve an awareness of the power of money and the importance of fame at this time, but you may also feel the dangers of this power, perhaps through loss or through some legal matter.

Your workplace is in focus this week. Anyway, is there anything that gets adrenaline to rise with you. This weekend will receive an invitation that you will be very happy. You take a quick decision.

If you are a victim of emotional states such as jealousy and paranoia, now is the time to make an effort to deal with them.
LIBRA horoscope Week of August 29 2016

Deep-rooted psychological complexes which manifest as obsessive behaviour will surface now and the more you try to repress them, the greater power they will have over you.

LIBRA horoscope Week of August 29, 2016 There are good vibrations around everything communication.

It is also important that you bring out your opinions in conversations. The more you're able to be yourself this week, the better response you will get.

This is the period when you need to show patience and work in a steady pace towards your goals. You like to maintain peace and help others in their need.

You should try to do your work on your own and cultivate managerial and organizational skills. You will shine in the field of performing art like music.

This is also a period when you can improve your intuitive skills. You will gain in maintaining good and friendly relations with others.

A person's happy and harmonious family life also leads to gains and growth in his/her business pursuits. This is also a period to start a family. This is a period to concentrate on your personal life.