LIBRA horoscope Week of August 22. Love and money astrology forecast.

Week of August 22, 2016, LIBRA horoscope prediction Around  August 24 will focus on your social life. A close friend may undergo a tough period and will, therefore, need your support.

But it will also be a challenge of your friendship strength. If your friendship is strong will together get through the problems. But it can also prove that the have grown apart and that your friendship comes closer to an end.

This is a time when the time will stand still for a while so that you can take stock of your ambitions and goals in life and see where they have led you. It is a fateful period in which your responsibilities to others and your role in society can become very important.

It's one of those periods where you're going to be a bit dependent on others, and it's certainly not something that suits you. If you cooperate, you will, however, be able to get much further.
LIBRA horoscope Zone Week of August 22

Similarly in other departments of life; where the Sun makes the social favorite, by imbuing him with optimism and a bright sunny smile, Saturn makes recluses and sours existence with frowns and pessimism; where the Sun furthers our worldly affairs and makes things run smoothly, Saturn causes provoking delays of the most inexplicable nature; all the world seems to conspire to frustrate our plans.

LIBRA horoscope Week of August 22, 2016 Your imagination can be gripped by great hopes, and you have a tendency to attach your hopes to a bubble which expands and expands until it bursts. Inspiration is OK, but make sure that you do not get carried away into a world of dreams.

You should enjoy what summer has to offer but pay special attention to new acquaintances. There will be many opportunities to meet new people in your life, perhaps a very special person who you fall for.

If you have children, there are chances to meet someone in the same situation possibly through an event for the children.

You enjoy being on the road and you are very social. Go wild and do what you want, there's no doubt that you get a super beautiful and lovely week.