LEO daily horoscope zone July 31 - August 6, 2016. Beware of dubious financial schemes

Leo weekly horoscope reading for love, money, and health. 

LEO daily horoscope forecast July 31 There are chances that you will get in better balance with yourself. Prior investments can bring a good return today. Your bad mood is in danger of spillover to your brother.

The need for mutual respect and understanding in order to keep the good tone between you. Underwhelmed not your partner today - as it will give a very somber reverberations.

LEO daily horoscope zone August 1 If you need the job today, you should not come with explanations and excuses for uncompleted work. Your boss does not want to listen to you. There is a good chance that there will be something extraordinary.

LEO daily horoscope forecast August 2 Your health will prosper because you share happy events with others. Beware of overspending and dubious financial schemes. Your partner's health can cause stress and anxiety.
LEO daily horoscope forecast July 31 - August 6 2016

LEO daily horoscope zone August 3 Emotionally it will not be a pretty good day. Improvement in finance will make it convenient for you to pay your old fees and bills.

The pressure at work and home will make you irascible and restless today. Do not forget to forgive your loved one today. Good day to send a CV or take a job interview. Travel will be beneficial but expensive.

LEO daily horoscope prediction August 4 The trees do not grow into the sky, there are a lot of the more mundane and routine tasks that need to label a loving hand, then on the mitten.

You need to balance your dreamy idealism with
temperance and practicality in order to succeed in life. You are also a very generous, giving soul and sometimes find it difficult to limit your charitable impulses.

LEO daily horoscope zone August 5 You're in one of the best periods for the easily and playful side of love. This fits the perfect now that it's summer, the sun, and heat. So the loveliest summer romantic adventures are virtually assured.

LEO daily horoscope reading August 6 A friend can test your open mind and tolerance. You should be careful not to surrender your values and remain rational in any decision. Unexpected increases in your expenses will disturb your equanimity.