Five policemen killed during protests in the Dallas, US. 43 years old Brent Thompson was one of five killed policemen.

Texas police have started an intense hunt for attackers after five policemen were killed by snipers during a demonstration in Dallas against police brutality.

Eleven police officers are shot which five are confirmed dead after a shooting attack against police in Dallas, Texas.

One civilian should also be injured, according to the Washington Post, and what is described as two snipers should be left behind.

The police officers were shot during a demonstration against police violence against black Americans. All the police officers who were shot kept watch during what was a peaceful demonstration.

Snipers should have shot down at police officers from a height. Downtown Dallas is now described as a crime scene, and the police have put a lid on the town.

Follow ongoing updates from the Dallas shootings

Police said on Friday morning that they had control of three of the four suspects. One of these was a woman, said the police chief in Dallas David Brown.

Women's role in this is not known, and later it turned out that one of the police suspected had nothing to do
with it, and was released.

The fourth of the suspects barricaded himself in the second floor of a parking garage in downtown Dallas, near El Centro College. In several hours exchanged Dallas police task forces fire with the suspects.

The name of one of the dead policemen has now been released by the police unit he worked for.

43 years old Brent Thompson was one of five killed policemen. He worked in the so-called DART device, short for Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

A total of four DART officers were shot in the shooting attack against police in Dallas.

There are widespread protests in several places in the United States because of the police's brutal treatment of black Americans. 

This week police shot and killed two men, 37 years old Alton Sterling in Louisiana and 32-year-old Philando Castile in Minnesota.

The killings join a long line of serious incidents between police and African Americans that have ended in death.

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