DRAGON September 2016 Chinese horoscope. September 2016 DRAGON lucky numbers.

DRAGON Monthly Chinese Horoscope September 2016  It is out with the old and in with the new during this transit.

You are letting go of goals and personal visions in order to take a new path. This could be difficult or it could be exciting, depending on the attitude which you are able to adopt during this topsy-turvy time.

A current event may be the impetus behind this need for healing. Perhaps a physical illness is causing problems, or perhaps someone's actions are inadvertently causing pain or it could be simply a painful event or news.

It is also possible that the current problems are connected with authority figures such as employers or parents.
DRAGON September 2016 Chinese horoscope

September 2016 DRAGON lucky numbers: 1, 7

DRAGON September 2016 Chinese horoscope 2016 Your mind is sharp and you can be a fast learner. Respect work, even if you don't enjoy it.

You may feel guilty if you are stalling on assignments or not living up to your commitments. It is possible to forget the more spiritual and soulful side of life.

You feel confident in many areas of your life, as you use your good judgement to make decisions that have the potential for long-term success.

It is a time when you can tap into your own wisdom. Business dealings may prosper.

Your relationships with women, particularly your mother, may also be causing some friction. Perhaps someone you love is unwell and needing extra tender loving care.

Although you are concerned, this may be causing you some problems and delays. Perhaps you are wanting to move home to a more peaceful environment, but there are delays.