DOG September 2016 Chinese horoscope. September 2016 DOG lucky numbers.

Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope September 2016 Reason and emotion may be at odds with each other at the moment and communications with others, especially females or family members, could be tense. Try and be up-front with people, as this can help to avoid misunderstandings.

During this period you may be susceptible to sudden and uncharacteristic behaviour. You are likely to feel restless and desirous of change.

Unrealistic notions of love may cloud your thinking during this period. There is a risk of being misunderstood, or of having your romantic hopes dashed. Artistic creativity, however, is enhanced.

An inner discontent with your lifestyle inspires you to re-examine the direction your life is taking, and this, in turn, will lead you to analyse any important relationships in a critical manner.
DOG September 2016 Chinese horoscope forecast

You do not want to waste time on superficial involvements, yet at the same time, you know that you should either commit yourself or be alone.

September 2016 DOG lucky numbers: 7, 11

DOG September 2016 Chinese horoscope 2016 In First half of  September, home and family require your utmost attention. Although it initially looks promising, it can still happen an unexpected event that requires more of you than you like.

This is also great holiday month with the possibility of exciting experiences. It appears that there are countries that lure most of the time.

There is a strong inner feeling that you must pull yourself together and do something worthwhile, and the sooner you do this, the better you will feel.

There is a general feeling of being weighed down by burdens, and there may be a lot of pressure to live up to the expectations of others.

With your rampant charisma and amped-up conversational, networking and flirtation skills -- well, let's just say 'Wow!'